Blogger & Maker

Hi, my name is Steve Zabka

I not only help people to find their way around the world of computer science and information technology, but I also support various Events, Linux- and Open-Source-Projects, such as the Tux-Tage 2021“.

I also regularly publish new videos and blog posts on the various social media platforms, such as „YouTube“ or „Facebook“ – which shed light on certain topics.

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As a technical assistant for IT and specialist for swimming pools,

I’m not only responsible for the supervision and control of the bathing operations, but I also monitor the technical systems in the various types of bathing facilities and make sure that everything is running properly.

In the course of time I have acquired a lot of knowledge and experience and now see myself as the perfect contact person if you want to know, for example:

how you can use a 3D printer to create a dosing system for your own pool

which Linux distribution can you use to conjure up a print server with CUPS and AirPrint with your Raspberry Pi

and how you can bring your projects to a conclusion even faster with the help of various tools and programs.

My goal is to show people around the world in particular that there are different ways to better understand certain topics from computer science and information technology.I also started small once!

My personal values summarized for you:


We associate honesty with sincerity and openness. So don’t expect me to pretend for You.


You can count on me. I won’t leave you out in the rain if you need help.


The support of different languages is very important for me so that you can feel at home with me.


I’m not a man who goes around the bush for a long time.


I will give you some helpful tips and tricks so that you can actually achieve your goal.


The protection of your personal data is very important for me.

How did I come up with the name „Cryinkfly“?

Basically, I kept asking myself which name would best suit me and my website. Then of course I wanted to have a name that was easy to remember!

To do that, I made a list of different words and then picked the three best of them. I then translated these words into English and then formed a word combination from them.

The name „Cryinkfly“ came about and is composed as follows:

Cry = Calling (conveying information)

Ink = Color (creative ideas and suggested solutions)

Fly = Flying (approach to path finding)