Using the Elgato Stream Deck on Linux

Steve Zabka

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The „STREAMDECK_UI“ project or software that enables the use of Elgato Stream Decks under Linux has been around for almost a year and a half, although the manufacturer does not provide official support for Linux. These devices are so popular with streamers all over the world. Because you can use it to execute commands, start programs and much more!

But as said, Elgato’s official website states that these devices are actually only supported on macOS and Windows systems.

Fortunately, however, some developers from the open source scene have teamed up to find a solution to this problem.

The result was an application that uses the Python Stream Deck Library, a Linux-compatible graphical user interface to control the various Elgato Stream Decks.

With this software, the owner of such a device can now set up each individual key by specifying an icon, a command or link and an optional title.

Also, it supports multiple sites, which means you’re not limited to the physical slots in the device.

Provided that the user uses one or more keys to scroll through the different pages.

Bild 1 – STREAMDECK_UI – Configure a button (OBS Studio)

But unfortunately at the moment the user only has 10x sides available to use the Stream Decks until the update for a higher number of sides is applied by the developers.

A small summary of this software:

  • Linux Compatible: The Elgato Stream Deck devices can be used on Linux!
  • Multi-Device: Allows multiple Stream Deck devices to be connected and configured on one computer.
  • Brightness Control: Supports brightness control through configuration UI and buttons (device).
  • Configurable Button Display: Icons + Text, Icon Only, and Text Only are configurable per button on the stream deck.
  • Multi-Action Support: Execute commands, write text, and press hotkey combinations with a single button press.
  • Button Pages: The software supports multiple pages of buttons and dynamic button setup.
  • Auto reconnect (plug-and-play): Reconnects automatically and gracefully.
  • Import/Export: Supports saving and restoring the Stream Deck configuration.
  • … and much more!

In case you should be interested in this application yourself, maybe because you own an Elgato Stream Deck or you are thinking about buying one for your setup.

Then be sure to check out the official project page and my fork for this application!

Because on these two pages you will not only find the files to download, but also instructions on how to install the software on your system!

In addition, you will soon find a video specifically for setup and commissioning on my YouTube channel.

Otherwise, if you have any other questions, just post them in the comments below so other readers can benefit too!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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