Tux-Days on November 13th & 14th 2021

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This year the Tux-Days will take place for the second time on November 13th and 14th 2021.

The Tux-Days 2021, like the openSUSE Virtual Conference 2021, will take place entirely on the Internet and will be broadcast via various channels.

This community event not only gives people all over the world a room to meet and chat, but also various lectures and workshops on different topics from the Linux and OpenSource world are offered again!

In addition, this year we are again looking for interesting lectures and workshops on the subject of Linux and Open-Source!

So if you would like to give a lecture yourself, for example, you can submit your lecture on the Tux-Days website by September 26th.

You can also support the program committee and / or the organization team with a donation. With this donation the costs for server, advertising, homepage, equipment and other administrative costs will be covered! If you are interested, you can send an email to

You can visit the online event later, for example, via the following channels:

Linux Guides (YouTube Channel)

Tux-Days – (YouTube Channel)

via an RTMP stream (z.b.: VLC-Media Player)

In addition, this year I am one of the official sponsors of the Tux Days 2021 and I will also watch one or the other lecture at this event!

Otherwise, if you have any further questions, just write them down in the comments below so that other readers can also benefit!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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