Using the Elgato Stream Deck on Linux

Note: If You would like to read this post in English? Then please click here! Description The „STREAMDECK_UI“ project or software that enables the use of Elgato Stream Decks under Linux has been around for almost a year and a half, although the manufacturer does not provide official support for Linux. These devices are so popular with streamers all over the world. Because you can use it to execute commands, start programs and much more! But as said, Elgato’s official website states that these devices are actually only supported on macOS and Windows systems. Fortunately, however, some developers from the … Read more

Tux Days 2022 from 11.-13. November

It’s that time again! The Tux-Days 2022 will take place soon this year. This is a live moderated online event where participants and visitors can watch various lectures or take part in exciting discussions and workshops on the topic of Linux and Open Source. However, there is one important new feature at this event that I really want to share with you! Because this year for the first time you can meet other people in a virtual 3D landscape.

Linux Presentation Day 2022.1

On May 14, 2022, the „Linux Presentation Day 2022.1 (LPD)“ of the Tux-Days team will take place. This time, this event will not only offer a varied program to those interested in Linux and open source, but it will also be for the first time for school authorities and administrators aligned. Because the lectures addressed, among other things, the problems with proprietary software in schools.