openSUSE Virtual Conference 2021

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It’s time again and the annual openSUSE community event, which in my opinion should have visited every opensuse user and Linux fan once, will take place again this year from 18 to 19 June!

You have the opportunity to meet other people all over the world and You can also take part in various lectures, workshops and BoF sessions that are offered during this period.

Of course, there are also so-called lobbies, where You can talk to other participants about various topics, for example.

Or You take the chance yourself and give a lecture on a specific topic!

You also have the opportunity to help the program committee and / or the organization team with their work. If You are interested, You can send an email to

Oh and before I forget to tell You!

I visit this great event also in this year so I can see one or the other thing.

Maybe You are now saying to yourself: “Hey, that would be just the thing for me!”

Then just register on their website and maybe with a bit of luck, we’ll see You there!

Otherwise, if You have any further questions, just write them down in the comments below so that other readers can also benefit!

Thank You for reading and have a nice day!

More information can be found here:

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