openSUSE Virtual Conference 2021

Steve Zabka

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The openSUSE Virtual Conference is the annual event of the openSUSE community, which not only brings people from all over the world together to meet, but again offers the participants the opportunity to watch various lectures or attend workshops and BoF sessions to participate, which will be offered in the period from June 18th to 20th.

Furthermore, there are also so-called lobbies, where the participants can also exchange information on certain topics from the Linux and open source scene, if they wish.

If You are interested in this conference now, You can register for free on the openSUSE website until June 20, 2021!

Or You take the opportunity Yourself and give a lecture on a specific topic.

Because the call for papers for the openSUSE Virtual Conference 2021 is open until May 4th.

Presentations can be submitted for the following period:

  • Quick Talk (15 minutes)
  • Normal conversation (30 minutes)
  • Long lecture (45 min.)
  • Workshop (1 hour)

Tracks performed for openSUSE Conference 2021:

  • Cloud and Containers: Focuses on cloud and container technologies
  • Community: If you want to talk about growing the openSUSE/FOSS community and collaborating with upstream and peer projects.
  • Embedded Systems and Edge Computing: Embedded systems are accelerating and every year there are more conversations related to embedded systems and edge computing.
  • New Technologies: If you want to talk about a new project or technology that you want to discuss.
  • Open Source: If you have a topic that focuses on FOSS but doesn’t fall into any of the other categories, pick this track.
  • openSUSE: Is your talk about openSUSE.

Interested parties also have the opportunity to help the program committee and/or the organization team with their work.

If You are interested in it Yourself, just send Your message to

Oh and before I forget to tell You! I myself will also take part in this great event this year in order to be able to watch one or the other. Maybe we’ll see each other there and talk about one or the other topic!

Otherwise, if You have any other questions, just post them in the comments below so other readers can benefit too!

Thank You for reading and have a nice day!

More information can be found here:

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