Online-Event: Tux-Days 2021 in November

Steve Zabka

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From November 13th to 14th, the Tux-Days will take place for the second time. The goal of the Tux-Days team is to offer a live moderated online event that, similar to the openSUSE Virtual Conference 2021, gives all participants the opportunity to watch various lectures or take part in discussions and workshops on the topic of Linux and open source.

In addition, we are looking for interesting lectures and workshops on the subject of Linux and OpenSource again this year!

So if You would like to give a lecture yourself on a specific topic, You can submit it to the Tux-Days website by September 26th.

Or You can also help the program committee and/or organization team with a donation. This donation will then cover the costs incurred for the server, advertising, homepage, equipment and other administrative costs!

If You are interested in this, You can email Your message to

And otherwise I would like to show You on which channels You can visit/follow the online event later:

… and before I forget to tell You! This year I am also one of the official sponsors of the Tux-Days 2021 and will even give a presentation myself on one of my ongoing projects.

So maybe we’ll see each other there and we can talk about one or the other topic!

Otherwise, if You have any other questions, just post them in the comments below so other readers can benefit too!

Thank You for reading and have a nice day!

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