Moment of Inspiration (Mol3D) for Linux

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Moment of Inspiration (MoI3D) is a 3D modeling program that supports precise freeform NURBS drawing tools and is a perfect choice for any user who is frustrated by the complexity of other CAD tools.

Furthermore, Mol3D has a unique user interface that works seamlessly with a pen tablet and can therefore be used very well without a keyboard.

This program is primarily aimed at designers and artists who want to implement their projects for the customer with exceptional cost savings compared to other commercial software.

However, working with Mol3D requires some knowledge of modeling, scripting, and other fields to get the most out of this program.

But don’t worry, anyone with time and patience can learn these skills with ease.

There are also some tutorials and videos for this program on the Internet that will help you get started.

And another important advantage of Mol3D is that you have the possibility to install it on a USB stick.

Picture 1 – Configuration (Language) by

The user can always take the software with him and work with it from somewhere else.

So that this program can now also be used on a wide variety of Linux distributions, I have also created a project for Mol3D on my GitHub channel.

If you now want to know more about the Moment of Inspiration (MoI3D) for Linux project or have any further questions, then just write it down in the comments below so that other readers can benefit from it too!

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