Thanks to my flexible method…

… the development of your projects is completely uncomplicated and stress-free.

Project management is no longer a foreign word for many. It shouldn’t be either, because during planning and implementation, control over budgets and the various developments should be maintained at all times. In order for any project to run as smoothly as possible, it must be well planned and managed. And it is precisely with this problem that I would like to support You with my expertise!

Project Start & Planning

Every project begins with phase 1 and thus the actual project start and the subsequent planning. In this phase, it is decided how the respective project is to be implemented and which goals it is pursuing in detail.

Execution & Control

Phase 2 then concerns the concrete execution and control of the respective project. Everything that was meticulously planned in phase 1 is now being gradually implemented. Phase 1 is so important because it makes phase 2 much easier.

Completion and Post-Processing

Phase 3 is then all about completion and delivery to the customer. The project was implemented according to plan, may have grown slightly again in phase 2, but has now been completed to our complete satisfaction.

Did I wake Your interest? Or do You need professional support for one of Your projects?

I would be happy to advise You on my services, answer Your questions or help You with the implementation of Your projects! Do You need quick help? You can reach me by phone Monday and Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

That's what my customers & partners say

Alyx Buckmann

CEO by BuckiCompany

"Amazing performance with Autodesk Fusion 360 on Linux, the pointer is absolutely accurate and it runs almost as well as it does on Windows! Good work and many thanks.”

Nile Mittow

IoT & Embedded Systems Nerd. Occasionally Arts.

"Thank you, my CAD application has been the only reason I've had to get Windows up and running in a virtual environment so far. Now I can live Windows-free!”

Federico Liuzzi

BSc in Computer Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

"I just managed to get Fusion 360 running again on my old computer (4GB RAM and i5-3317U) with your help …"